The orange ads

VISA improves your wealth and your lifestyle. Or so it seems... from artist to collector.

Suitehotel loves the gays (but "it seems they host heteros too").

Wilton Station is where you want to live.

Diageo's Goldschläger is more gold than orange, but with the tagline "Come home, Liberace, come home" it is so gay that it deserves a place here.

Many ads show semi-naked men, and the skintones are often more orange than 'tan'. They may have taken The Drumpf as a role model.

One of Atlantis' brand colors is orange, so you can find a lot of orange ads from them. Here the hot boys are 'blending in' nicely.

RuPaul for Bailey's - with an elegant YUM. Bailey's had more LGBT ads.

The German Red Cross: "Always Ready".

These message are from pharma companies: on the left "from research to reality" and a recommendation to use condoms - both from Abbott Virology, and on the right GlaxoSmithKline's drug against Hepatitis.

Australian Rosemount estate is a long time supporter of the LGBT community.

See my article about Gay Wines.

Montreal wants to seduce you, in warm colors. Supported by Air Canada. They have been successful, if only through the infamous Black & Blue circuit party, but also due to the "French touch" in North America.

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Marketing the Rainbow

The Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City invites you to come to your "happy place"...

Absolut reached out in many different colors (including orange) - and became the Absolut champion in Marketing the Rainbow.

See my separate case study.

Simyo is an international MVNO telecom provider. In Spain it is owned by Orange - hence the color of the ads. Their messages are quite direct, even provocative.

1. "I dropped my mobile, can you get it?" (think "soap")

2. Quite a rude joke about "sticking it to you"

3. "No obligations with you today, and tomorrow we will see."

Underwear brand 2(x)ist uses colorful billboards, and hot models.

See also my case study.

The Azzaro Chrome models have dipped a bit too much in the rouge, or rather orange.

Dutch financial group ING proudly wears the national color, and assures you that Out is In.

Sometimes ads have two versions in order to appeal to niche as well as mainstream markets. This Alizé visual is an illustration of this. One version appeared in Out magazine while the other appeared in mainstream media.

L'Oréal's wears its theme color proudly.

In Las Vegas, you can relax on simple deck chairs. Check them out

Celebrate Pride with Samuel Adams, the flagship brand of the Boston Beer Company. They  withdrew their sponsorship of Boston’s St Patrick’s Day parade after negotiations to allow gay groups to march broke down.

The diversity (& Pride)  of Whirlpool.

And finally, the bronzed models of Versace - sometimes apearing in bright orange. The brand also associated with Sir Elton.

This ad was a little confusing. Is this a boy band? Certainly the lad in the middle looks like Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys. But is the message homophobic, or just fun? Opinions differed. In any case, Irn Bru have long made a habit of being controversial with their usually very funny ads.

In rainbow marketing, many colors are used. Here is Orange.

The orange ads