Travel is an important field, where a difference between the two groups could be established.

How many (holiday) trips of more than 2 days do you make on average each year?

Conclusion: here is a clear pattern that gays travel considerable more often than straights: 64% make 3 or more trips, as opposed to 48%.  I did not split here between people with or without kids, as some of the groups would be too small.

How many days per year do you spend for holidays or leisure?

Here we see that biggest difference is that 46% of gays without children tend to travel more than 21 days per year as opposed to 38% of heteros without kids,  while this is the opposite for those with kids (26% against 41%).

Conclusion: gays tend to travel more than straights, but this is reversed when they have children.

At the same time, gays without children tend to travel more (22% travels more than 31 days) than those with kids (15%), while this is respectively 17% and 14% for heteros.

If we take the segment “21 days or more” these percentages are even bigger for gays (46% without, against 36% with kids), while the difference of 3%. remains similar for straights (38%/41%), only reversed (so the childless spend a little less days on the road in this larger segment, because there is a 6% gap in the “21-30 days” segment).

When taking the “more than 11 days” segment, the figures are: 72% (gay, no kids), 63% (gay, with kids), 70% (straight, no kids) and 68% (straight, with kids).

Conclusion: people without children travel more than those with kids in practically all segments – only heteros with children travel more in the “21-30 days” segment than those without kids.