Travel spend

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Travel spending

How much do you spend on holidays (= leisure travel) per year (per person)?

The vast majority spends between EUR 500 and 4,000  per person per year (61% of childless gays, 64% of gays with kids, comparing to 71% and 76% for straights), where most of these fall into the EUR 500-2,000 segment (resp. 32%, 36%, 42% and 45%).

Most notable differences:

  • In the higher segments: EUR 4,000 and up shows significant differences within the gay group (27% for childless gays, 23% for gays with children) and also between the gay and straight groups (latter scoring resp. 16% and 15%).
  • straights without children have a much higher percentage in the EUR 0-500 segment than their peers with children (16% against 8%).
  • In this same segment the gays with kids score 14%, compared to the 8% of heteros.

Conclusion: gays travel more often than their straight peers, although they do not really spend more days travelling. Their expenditure is considerably higher though – indicating a more luxurious travel pattern – which also goes for gays with children compared to straight peers.

Note: the spending is stated per person, so people travelling with children will also spend this sum for their kids!