Social circles

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Social circles

In what social circles do people move around – based on sexual identity? This is clearly quite different for both groups.

If you look at your 50 closest friends and acquaintances (other than relatives), how many do you have who are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender?

Not surprisingly, LGBT tend to have much more LGBT friends and acquaintances (for instance 61% have between 11 and 50 gay friends, while 33% have 6-50 lesbian friends, compared to 9% and 10% in the straight population), and the vast majority of straight people’s friends are straight (77% have 21-50 straight friends, as opposed to 37% in the gay segment).

Note: 21% of gays and 37% of straights did not know if they had any bisexual friends. These percentages were resp. 7 and 18 for transgender friends.