Consumers survey

Interests and hobbies

To measure the difference in attitude between gays and straights, I presented a number of hobbies and interests, and asked them to rate these.

Conclusion: there are only a few differences between the two groups. Most notably are the higher interest in appearance by LGBT (75% found this to be important or very important, as opposed to 63% of the straights), less interest in pets (50% against 61%), a lower rating for children (30% vs. 37%) and a higher importance attached to friends (44% vs. 34% ranking this “very important”).

Material items and pastimes

Next, I mentioned a number of material items or pastimes, and asked them to rate these.

Out of the 15 elements listed, only 3 give a difference between the two groups that is somewhat noticeable: LGBT seem to have lower interest in jewelry, more interest in home decoration and are less interested in the news. For the rest, the values do not differ much.

Conclusion: LGBT and heterosexuals attach the same value to 12 out of 15 values regarding “luxury pastimes”. In the other 3 categories, the difference is about 10% points, so not really shocking.

Regarding the ownership of more expensive objects, like a car, a house or motor bike, again few differences are visible. LGBT own homes and cars to a lower extent (resp. 59%-69% and 70%-82%), and are using iPhone more than heteros (32%-22%).

An explanation for the first two categories could be that it is more difficult for LGBT to obtain a mortgage (due to lack of ‘official dual income’), and that straight people need a car more for the transport of their children.

Culture and relaxation

Next I wanted to know what the participants did in their spare time as to culture and relaxation. In the statistics, I made a difference between people with and without children - so I compared four groups.

Conclusion: in this field there are a few more differences to be observed, but these are not huge. The most notable differences were:

  • Gays go clubbing more frequently than straights (both with our without kids)
  • Gays (with our without kids) go to the opera more often
  • Gays (without kids) see more movies than straights (without kids)
  • Gays with kids see more movies than straights with kids
  • Gays (with our without kids) frequent a bar more often than straights, and both gays and straights without children go more often than those with
  • Straights without children have less dinner parties

As to ‘social activities’ (chatting, use of alcohol and tobacco, sports, internet, TV), there hardly is any difference at all - out of the 8 activities, seven do not differ significantly between the two groups, the only exception being that straights use a chat platform less often than gays.