Consumers survey


One of the most important assumptions is that gays make more money than heteros. I asked what the net income per month was, and that of the partner.

When looking at the household income, the income brackets are almost the same for the two groups, but a gay household is less likely to have two incomes. The only significant difference is in the “more than EUR 3,000” bracket, where more gays are ranked  (47% against 41%) – but this may also be due to the fact that more straights preferred not to answer this question.

It is also important to observe that more gays than heteros are single (40% as opposed to 29%), which makes the average household income lower.

Note: this question raised some problems, as I got the feedback that Americans for some reason do not really know what their net income per month is. Yet, close to 2,000 people answered this question.

Conclusion: the assumption that LGBT make more money does not hold true. This belongs to the set of myths.