Consumers survey

Although I found numerous sources which researched the consumer patterns of LGBT, I wanted to do my own survey to have an independent source of data, to place matters in perspective and ask the questions directly relevant to my research.

I wanted to find out if “the gay consumer”* exists, and if and how he compares to the straight consumer, looking at their background, preferences and behavior in consumption matters. My aim was to get around 500 participants in both segments to get a reliable profile. Also, in both segments, I wanted to have at least 200 participants without children and 200 with children.

The results were overwhelming: a total of 3,106 people participated in the survey.

Of the participants, 27% considered themselves straight, the rest was LGBT. Of the straights, 426 did not (yet) have children, 183 did have kids. In the LGBT group, 314 people had children, 1,415 did not. With these numbers, my targets were practically all achieved - each group at least containing enough participants to draw statistically significant conclusions. 

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* instead of LGBT consumer, I have researched the gay consumer. Read my blog for the reasons.

Profiling & demographics:

Do you consider yourself

"a gay consumer"?

Family situation:

What is the relevance of having children?


What are your interests?


How often do you travel?

Gay Capital:

What is it? Which city qualifies?


Do LGBT have a higher education?


Are gay consumers different?


Are your values different?

Travel spending:

How much do you spend on holidays?


What brands are considered gay-friendly?


Do LGBT have a higher income?


Are gays trendsetters?

Social circles:

In what social circles do you move?

Travel considerations:

What are your considerations when travelling?