These are all (print) ads, used to target LGBT customers/employees.

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Jan 2010: target of completed company surveys raised to 1,000: see Surveys.

Outline of first case studies set up (ABSOLUT vodka, Ginch Gonch). Conducting telephone interviews with a number of US experts, one in Colombia.

Working on consumer survey, plan to launch in February.


Feb 2010: Facebook group "Marketing the Rainbow" launched. (353 members, later removed due to Facebook changed system for pages). Discovered another target group: LGBT seniors.


Mar 2010: started my research of the Netherlands, by checking news and print media. First responses coming in.  Meeting Promotor next week to dicuss progress and finalize consumer survey.


Apr 2010: target of 1,000 participants in supplier survey reached! Consumer survey launched.

May 2010: 1,000 participants in survey, Jul:  2,000!


Oct 2010: master class given at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in their minor City Marketing, about Gay City Marketing. Received favorably. Good opportunihy for me put things into perspective.

Nov 2010: presentation of first findings at anniversary dinner of Genius.

Dec 2010: Dutch glossy Winq invited me to extend my research to their readership, to establish a profile of "the Winq reader". The Duch issue (20,000) and international issue (120,000) will feature half a page in their December release. Total number of participants now stand at 2,617.

Oct 2011: another master class at AUAS.

Dec 2012: both surveys closed, with very high response rates - 1,100 suppliers, 3,100 consumers.

Mar 2013: desk research closed. 75% of manuscript written.

Apr 2014: first manuscript (of 600 pages) submitted. Received 26 pointers for change and improvement. Most important: reduce volume to 300 pages. Can be achieved by putting most case studies in appendix (and reducing font ;-).

My suggestion: publish dissertation online. However, print copies remain necessary for libraries and university. 

Aug 2014: Facebook page launched for updates and case studies.

Dec 2014: blog about findings started. Also published in other social media (LinkedIn, Google+, Ello), and my website, with references on Facebook, twitter and Pinterest.

Dec 14: Dr. Gert Hekma and Dr. David Bos have agreed to be on the committee for the opposition. Bob Witeck will be special member. I am honoured! Two more members will be invited.

Jan 15: volume of the thesis condensed from 600 to under 300 pages (other material, mostly case studies, will be published separately)

June 15: received a (final?) set of revisions from my promotor. This means the final ceremony will not be this year anymore (lead time is 6 monhts).

2016: for reasons of work and health, progress has been slow.

2017: due to the retirement of my promotor, I will have to find a new professor who could and wants to steer me in the right direction. This will not be easy, as it took me 10 months to find the first one.

July 2018: have found a new promotor at Erasmus University: Prof. Arjo Klamer, who teaches cultural economy. Submitted my manuscript for evaluation.

July 2019: agreement on way forward. 90% of manuscript is now ready, the rest will be based on the book "Doing the right thing; a value based economy" of my promotor, which ties all elements of my research together.