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ICT is one of the 'newer' industries, and Internet even more so. Mammoth companies like Microsoft, Apple and Google did not even exist when JCPenney was incorporated (1902), Marriott was created (1927) or when IKEA was founded (1943). Meanwhile they dominate the market in many respects: not only in their own field, but also on the stock exchange - and hence in society. This made them leaders, and even more so: role models.

Without a conservative legacy, but rather originating from the post-60's era of social development, new opportunities and increased civil rights, these companies have often shown their good side. Having said that, they have also missed excellent opportunities to shine - big time!

ICT & Internet:

  • Apple: the watches and Tim Cook
  • Google: from “Gayglers” to Lil Nas X
  • Samsung: casual representation and then Gus & Todrick

Coming soon:

  • Facebook
  • Microsoft
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Google And Proud

ICT & Internet

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