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Marketing the Rainbow

The brand uses naughty slogans to accompany their campaigns, such as "Heart to Hard" (above) and "Grab Your Wiener Eeaters" (below). They sometimes refer to the designs used on the products shown, but in the ad below they do not even show the relevant underwear. And of course, Wiener is a full on double entendre. How gay does it get?

In this ad, no product is shown either. With the payoff "Wrap your inches in our Ginches", a holiday themed ad was produced with again a double entendre that every gay, and some straights, would get immediately.

Here, the product is shown in an unusual way: on the head of the models - explained by the payoff "Coverin' your head", yet another sexually charged play with words. And the gay consumer wonders how those hats stay put...

In one series of ads, "gay power couple" Benjamin Bradley and Ethan Reynolds were featured. Insiders knew this were (ex) porn stars.

More word play, from soft romance to hardcore sexual innuendo.

And finally, the expansion into the His and Hers market.

Ginch Gonch print ads started out by showing what they were selling: underwear linked to sexuality (above and below). Hot men, always more than one, in a taunting or playful position. Showing the product became less and less important, as can be seen below. What remained was cheeky wordplay and hot models, often naked.

Ginch Gonch: the ads

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