Marketing the Rainbow

The home, decoration and renovation market was one of the earliest to look at LGBT customers, starting with IKEA in 1994 and their infamous "two gays at the kitchen table" commercial. They repeated their interest and support many times over the years, and others have followed: California Closets, Home Depot and European brands like Leolux, Heylen meubelen and Matelson.

Appliances and home equipment also played a role: mattresses and beds, coffee makers, washing machines.

Real Estate is a connected branche, but the marketing efforts and turnover are quite different. Especially in countries with "gaybourhoods", this is a flourishing market. This field of operation is supported by large (inter)national organizations such as National Association of Gay & Lesbian Real Estate Professionals, and websites like Gay Realty Network, Gay2Gay Real Estate and GayRealEstate.com. The participation of mainstream brokers and agents is somewhat limited: just like a lawyer, doctor or accountant, a real estate agent is someone you want to feel comfortable with, and trust - this is more easily achieved with LGBT peers.

Home, deco & real estate

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- IKEA, a role model in Marketing the Rainbow

Home, Deco & Real Estate

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