Marketing the Rainbow

The financial market is perceived as 'high brow' and old-fashioned. However, behind that facade you can find many well-meaning managers, who want to show their best side, and that of their company.

Starting with granting of equal rights such as pension benefits, and employee platforms for the LGBT staff, the financials were frontrunners in expressing support for (marriage) equality.

The fact that L & G households tend to have a higher disposable income has also contributed to the interest that these companies have shown in the rainbow customer.

Specialized companies like GFN (Gay Financial Network), G & L Internet Bank and Galileo's "LGBT Capital". But also mainstreamers: from insurers Progressive, Allstate and Delta Lloyd, via Amex and Visa, to Canada's TD Bank - many have walked the walk.

HRC's Corporate Equality Index rates many financials with a perfect score of 100%, while in Australia Westpac was voted "Australia’s top LGBTI-friendly employer" (with 3 more banks in the top 10); the financials have been strong protagonists in furthering the LGBT cause (or "agenda", as conservatives like to call it).


Coming soon:

  • Lloyds TSB Bank
  • ING Bank
  • ANZ
  • Allstate


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