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Marketing the Rainbow

Does The Gay Consumer really exist?

About me

My name is Alfred Verhoeven. A lawyer by training, but more than 30 years of experience in Marketing and Sales, since 2000 as a self-employed Marketing Consultant and interim manager. My company is called BRIGHT Marketing Solutions.

I am specialized in Customer Relationship Management and focused on customer experience: what do the customers expect? How do I make them happy, and loyal?

My work is both strategic and tactical. It lies in Marketing & Communication, Campaign Management, Sales. It covers acquisition, customer development and retention. Some key words are Loyalty, Solutions, Out of the Box, Efficiency.


I have worked in Finance, Telecom, FMCG, Non-profit and Hospitality - and discovered that the same marketing principles apply for all of these branches. About 90% of all theory and practices are quite similar, only the remaining 10% is branche-specific.

Fortes: communication, goal oriented, thinking in solutions.


Interests: languages, travelling, networking, dining out, wine.

I am happily married, and love living in Amsterdam.

These are all (print) ads, used to target LGBT customers/employees.

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